I've created short, informational and promotional videos for a variety of organizations including educational institutions, small businesses and nonprofits. I can combine both video, images, text and animations into compellng stories that make the viewer want to donate or visit your page. Before creating, I always share my storyboard with the client to make sure we are on the right track and to save you time and money.

Next Step Service Dogs

This was a unique challenge in that I had to be creative in matching videos and photos together to create a unifying piece that focused on being both informational and promotional in content. Animation was used to draw the viewer into the piece and focus on the logo.

UC San Diego Lecture

This video was previously recorded and needed to be broadcast in full. I minimized outside noise that interrupted the speaker and added branding.

Why choose me to edit your videos?

With a background in marketing and design, you can be sure that your video will be both visually compelling and yield results. I use my creativity to put together unique videos that help promote your business.