I have years experience in website design, working with HTML, CSS and content management systems. I have not only worked with the code and complexities of various platforms, but have created optimized imagery for each site, website advertisements (both static and animated) and have created imagery and animations to boost social media presence.

San Diego Convention Center

Using HTML and CSS, I modified code in Dreamweaver to update the site on a regular basis. Each convention required their own individual page that had to be customized to direct their attendees. I optimized imagery in Photoshop and created Flash animations and HTML based e-newsletter designs.

Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes

In addition to print-based graphic design, I also created web animations and static web banners and advertisements for the organization.

Calavera Hills Middle School

Using the complex content management system, SchoolLoop, I completely reorganized their homepage, resized imagery, added a unique image banner and restructured content.

UC San Diego

Created large web banners for news stories, events and promotional purposes; web advertisements (both static and animated); HTML and CSS used in content management systems and Dreamweaver sites.

Why choose me for your web needs?

Did you know that the average attention span is that of a fish? It takes only a few seconds for someone to become bored and leave your website or ignore your web ad. With my knowledge of web design, let's get that website back into shape, spruce up those web ads, send out some visually appealing e-newsletters and get to work!